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I specialize in teaching piano and guitar to children and adults of any age and beginners are always welcome. With twenty five years experience I am well versed in meeting a student where they are and teaching them to play.

Yes, you can expect to be challenged, little by little, day by day you will learn to play. My goal is for you to know that your best is good enough while we have fun learning to make music. Music changes lives for the better and I’d love to be part of your journey.

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Learning to play the piano is the best way to begin your musical journey. No matter where you end up skills learned from studying piano will light the way.


Learning to play the guitar is very satisfying, a journey that is a bit mysterious, therefore all the more thrilling when you uncover the secrets.


Learning to sing is about learning to trust yourself. It is the purest self expression, no tools are needed, just you and you are enough.

Lizette is your Music Teacher

I love music and has been successfully teaching students to play Piano, Guitar and to develop their Singing Voices since 1995. I pride myself on my ability to meet my students where they are. It is possible for anybody to develop their musical abilities with the proper instruction, practice and patience.

A singer/songwriter, I am constantly learning myself. French language and musical intonation are my current study adding to Portuguese, Spanish as well as plain old English Jazz chops. I play Piano and Guitar and accompanies myself while singing, or with a band. Not afraid to let it hang out, I also write and plays Blues, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and even Country Music.

I have studied with many local teachers including, Susan Strick, Teresa Nemeth, Tricia Woods, Andy Shaw, Joanie Metcalf, Robin Kutz, Tim Lerch and Lonnie Mardis.

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